Braun Watches: History and Opinions Are They Good?

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Today we analyze Braun watches, a brand that is best known for its small appliances, but which are also present in the world of watchmaking.

Braun is a German brand known and known for the design of their products, which extends to their minimalist watches as well.

Dieter Rams, one of the most influential industrial designers of the late 20th century, is responsible for the appearance of these watches, which have won multiple design awards.

While these German watches aren’t particularly expensive, most are assembled using Japanese mechanisms to keep costs down.

In this post, we thoroughly analyze Braun watches, taking into account how they work, the history of the brand, and their best creations to determine whether or not they are really good.

✚ Braun watches: origin and history

Braun was founded in 1921 by Max Braun, an engineer who initially manufactured parts, receivers and sound amplifiers for radio equipment.

Although the Braun logo with its elongated A property didn’t arrive until 1934 and its famous razors didn’t hit the market until 1950.

one of the first Braun watches

Dieter Rams joined the company in 1955, which soon became noticeable in the appearance of all the brand’s products and continues to do so.

Rams was originally hired as an interior designer, but soon led the company’s design department alongside Dietrich Lubs as deputy director.

In 1971, as a result of the collaboration between Rams and Lubs, Braun launched several travel clocks and alarm clocks, although the company’s wristwatches would not arrive until 1977.

All of them were characterized by the same minimalist philosophy, inspired by the Bauhaus school, where less is more, a highly functional, pure design with no superfluous details.

The idea for the clocks was originally a small gift for customers buying a significant volume of home appliances, but the initial Japanese plastic clock designs with the brand did not convince Lubs, who set out to create a well-built clock and most . functionally possible.

With the help of Rams, the famous Braun watches made in Germany from the 1980s were created, many of which have won the iF and the Red Dot Award for their design.

In 2005 Procter & Gamble took control of Braun and a few years later, in 2005, sold the watch division to the British company Zeon Ltd.

Since then, Zeon has continued to make Braun watches, but many of them are no longer made in Germany but in China, with the exception of a few special commemorative editions.

✚ Are Braun watches good?

It is clear that the brand watches from Braun currently in production are no longer the first models that Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs made so carefully in Germany.

Most of the current browns are made in China and while that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad, they don’t have efficient German quality control either.

However, this does not prevent the same solid and functional design of yesterday from being maintained regardless of the country of manufacture.

There are even some special editions made in Germany, but they’re not as common or easy to find as models from the Far East.

A good example of this is the AW10, manufactured in Germany in 2018 with a Swiss quartz movement, which, however, also increases the price.

Braun AW10EVOB watch

Cristal mineral
Move Swiss quartz
Case diameter 39 mm
Case thickness 9 mm
materials Stainless steel and leather
Waterproof 5 ATMs (50 meters)

As you can see in these lines, the German models are easy to recognize as they still have the “Made in Germany” label on the lower edge of the dial.

Regardless of the country of origin, we will continue to be confronted with a watch with a stainless steel case, mineral glass and a Japanese movement, which is characterized by an excellent timeless design.

✚ Best Braun watches

Of course, the best Braun watches are those made in Germany, but the brand offers many others that can offer a good price / performance ratio without “Made in Germany”.

Without deviating from its characteristic design, the company offers different models for men or women, especially analog, but also some digital and even alarm clocks. These are the most successful:

➤ Braun men’s watches

Most of the company’s designs are around 38mm in diameter, which makes them suitable for both sexes. However, there are also models that are 40mm or more that may fit the male wrist better.

➤ Braun ladies’ watches

There are also models with diameters of less than 33 mm, which are aimed at the female audience in terms of both size and design.

Many of these clocks are made in pastel and gold tones, but their dials still retain the minimalist design that sets the company apart.

➤ Braun chronographs

In recent years, the brand’s new owners have developed a large number of new models, including some chronographs.

These are watches that maintain the basic aesthetic of the company but add a few extra sub-dials to the set to enable the chronograph function.

➤ Digital brown

Since its inception, the German brand has also developed some digital models, many of which have additional features, including some radio controlled watches.

Currently, the Braun BN0106 is best known for its minimalist design and the special way it moves through its functions.

➤ Braun alarm clock

Braun’s beginning in the world of watchmaking began more than 40 years ago with alarm clocks, clocks that are still made today and of which the brand also has a wide variety of models.

✚ Prices and opinions

Most of the criticism these watches receive has focused on the bracelet, either because it is too thick for the thickness of the case or because its durability is not as expected.

The problem would be a small detail if it weren’t for the cheap price of these watches, even for the models made in China.

This does not mean that Chinese watches are bad, but if they are calculated as made in Europe they should at least solve those little details that can ultimately spoil a great design.

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