Feice Watches, Origins and Opinions Are They Good?

Feice watches are becoming increasingly popular to combine design and quality at a reasonable price. But where do they come from? Are they really good? These and other questions are answered here.

I can ask you the first question and yes it is a Chinese watch brand but it is far from other cheap brands in the Far East.

And the fact is that in Feice’s case, the details are given much more consideration, both in the manufacturing process and in each of the components that make up it.

In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at each of these details and showcase some of the best Feice watches that can be found today.

✚ Feice watches: origin and history

Feice’s origins go back to 2009 when it was founded in Shenzhen with the aim of marketing quality watches in the national market.

Shenzhen is a modern city in the south of Guangdong Province and the closest to Hong Kong, which is connected to the mainland.

relojes Feice

It will only be a year before the brand starts making Bauhaus-style watches and in 2014 starts selling its watches over the Internet.

Although the company only made the leap into the international market in 2017 with large platforms such as Amazon Y. Aliexpress.

Originally the brand was called “Feike” but was changed to Feice due to the similarity to the English word “Fake”, with distinct negative connotations, especially for a Chinese watch.

In China, the translation would be something like “Flyer”, the country in which sales of the brand were originally concentrated, so the name was not a problem until the subsequent international expansion.

Currently, the brand continues to base its designs on the Bauhaus style, although it has expanded its catalog to include a variety of models, both mechanical and quartz models.

✚ Are Feice Brand Watches Any Good?

You could say that Feice is a Chinese brand that many of the big watch companies can hardly envy in terms of materials and finishes.

Components like the case, the glass, the bracelet or even the internal mechanism are selected with particular care. Let’s see them in parts:

  • Box: The brand only uses 316L stainless steel, a very resistant and hypoallergenic material. Exactly the same as other much more expensive brands.
  • The glass: The use of curved mineral glass is very common in Feice watches, which offer good visibility and are relatively hard, besides being very aesthetically attractive. It also makes some models with sapphire crystal.
  • The belt: Usually made of soft and flexible leather, but there are also models with a stainless steel strap. In both cases high quality materials.
  • The movement: Mechanical Feice watches are usually put together by Seagull, one of the best Chinese watch movements, and PTS Hangzhou, which, despite their Chinese origins, are also quite reliable. Quartz, on the other hand, usually uses mechanisms of Japanese origin, which is also a good sign.

If we add that they are usually well presented even in their original packaging with the instruction manual and the rest of the relevant documents, it is clear that this is a good brand that cares a lot about the details.

✚ Best Feice watches

Most of the best Feice watches include Bauhaus and mechanical designs, although there are also some interesting quartz crystals. They are as follows:

➤ See FM202

The FM202 is an automatic mechanical watch with a strong Bauhaus style and some additional complications like the power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock.

This makes it very interesting as it lets you see the remaining hours on the dial and determine when the mechanism needs to be charged.

It also has curved glass, transparent caseback, and manual winding, which is very useful when you want to charge the movement without having to wear the watch.

➤ See FM212

Another mechanical Feice with a power reserve indicator is the FM212, whose operation is identical to the FM202. Just change the design.

In this case we also find a transparent caseback to see the operating mechanism and the brand’s classic curved glass.

The main differences lie in the hour markers, the arrangement of the date window and the color of the dial.

➤ See FM301

With the FM301 we are entering another category of watches from the brand with some high quality details such as the Seagull automatic caliber and a sapphire crystal.

Sapphire is much more difficult to scratch than mineral glass and offers even better visibility whenever possible. Although it is tougher, it is also less flexible to withstand, for example, a strong blow or fall.

In any case, we are facing one of the best watches from the brand, and its price is often similar or even lower than other mechanical models.

➤ See FS303

FS303 is one of the brand’s most popular crystals. It is a multifunctional retro-style chronograph with a tachymeter, among other things.

Inside, a mechanism of Japanese origin is responsible for getting each needle into position, a precise and reliable movement that can function with little deviation for years.

All of this under a stainless steel case with the brand’s classic curved mineral crystal that enhances the watch’s vintage aesthetic.

➤ See FM506

Another mechanical model from the brand that also works with a Seagull caliber is the FM506, although in this case the crystal is not a sapphire but a curved mineral.

Although in contrast to the FM301 in the 506 the entire case back is transparent, the movement of the mechanism can be better assessed.

✚ Prices and opinions

These watches are well built and are shown in the often very positive reviews, which reflects the good performance of the brand.

Although they aren’t exactly cheap watches, especially given their origins. The price is closer to the big western brands than the Chinese ones.

In any case, if you are looking for a tribute watch inspired by an important company, but with a minimum of quality, this brand might be the right one.

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