Loreo Watches The Best Low-Cost Option?

Over the past few years Loreo watches have built a solid reputation among watch fans around the world, but how good are they really?

As some may already know, Loreo is one of the many Chinese watch brands to be found on the internet, although it is not among the most famous.

However, their watches are pleasantly surprising to those who have the audacity to test them, both for their good performance and for the finishes they offer.

To see if they’re really as good as painted, we’re going to analyze some of the best Loreo watches in this post, but first a little history about the brand.

✚ Loreo watches: origin and history

Loreo watches have their origins in Shenzhen, a Chinese city in the Guangdong region where the brand was founded back in 1993.

The brand’s trade name is Shenzhen Loreo Watch Co. Ltd, a company that manufactures and exports all kinds of watches, mechanical, quartz or intelligent.
one of the Loreo watches

Canton or Guangdong Province is the Chinese region where most of the watchmaking industry is concentrated. Shenzhen is one of the most important cities in this regard.

Big Chinese brands like Burei, Curren, Lige or Feice are also headquartered there, which is a clear example of the predominant business in the region.

In particular, Loreo has a factory of around 5000 m² with more than 100 workers, so it can be said that his factory is one of the largest.

According to the company itself, their great passion is iconic design of the past, when watches were made to last a lifetime.

This is the reason (also according to their official website) why their designs are so familiar and soothing, but also unique and of quality.

This explains why many of its best models actually pay homage to other brands, although, as we’ll see below, Loreo offers its watches some quality details that deserve analysis.

✚ Are Loreo brand watches good?

Loreo is another of the many Chinese brands that pay homage to the big companies or make similar designs, but the finish of their watches takes them to a higher level.

Not only are the brand’s watches usually well made, but they also use components that aren’t offered at such affordable prices. They are as follows:

  • The glass: Most Loreo watches use sapphire crystal, a material that offers better visibility and scratch resistance and is more typical of high-end watches.
  • Box: The brand uses 316L stainless steel as standard, which is a very good sign as it is a very durable and corrosion-resistant material.
  • Correa: Made of leather or stainless steel depending on the model, with the latter being the best option for durability and durability.
  • Corona: Engraved with the Loreo logo on all models and threaded on divers or diver designs.
  • The movement: Many Loreos incorporate Seagull movements, a well-known and respected Chinese brand, although they can use Japanese Miyota for the more expensive models as well.

Given that the presentation is usually quite decent too, Loreo watches can be a good, affordable option as long as you can get them at a good price.

If you are patient, it is best to buy them from type stores direct from China Aliexpressbecause even if the shipping is slow it will save you a lot of money.

✚ Best Loreo watches

There are many Hommage-type automatic mechanical models among the best of Loreo watches, although there are some interesting quartz chronographs as well. Here are some of them:

➤ Loreo L9201G

Like almost all Chinese brands, Loreo also has a submarine-style design model, but this adds sapphire crystal and other quality components to increase the stakes.

The L9201G is made entirely of stainless steel and has a screw-down crown to promote airtightness.

They also usually assemble seagull mechanisms, a brand whose movements are highly valued despite their Chinese origins.

➤ Loreo L6106G

Another clear example of the watch type from this brand is the L6106G model, a more complex design with multiple subdials, all of which are functional.

In this case, too, we find a sapphire crystal and a seagull mechanism inside, all of which are protected by a robust stainless steel case.

➤ Loreo L9216G

The L9216G is a sportier watch and has several subdials to show the time in 24-hour format, the day of the month and the day of the week.

Like most of the brand’s models, it is made entirely of stainless steel with sapphire crystal and features a seagull movement.

Loreo L9216G watch

Cristal sapphire
Move Automatic mechanic
caliber gull
Case diameter 40 mm
Case thickness 13.2 mm
materials Stainless steel
Waterproof 10 ATM (100 meters)

➤ Loreo L6112G chronoscope

Among Loreo’s quartz watches, the L6112G model excels in both design and operation.

On an aesthetic level, it’s a minimalist watch with a certain vintage touch made of stainless steel and curved mineral glass.

In terms of operation, we are also faced with a fully functional chronograph, which is easy to read thanks to the sub-dials on the dial.

Loreo L6112G watch

Cristal Bent mineral
Move quartz
caliber Chinos
Case diameter 40 mm
Case thickness 8 mm
materials Stainless steel
Waterproof 3 ATMs (30 meters)

➤ Loreo L6108G

A completely new design of this brand, but one that is already gaining popularity, are the models of the tourbillon type or with imitation of this complication.

In fact, these are more of an “open heart” type of watch, as the part of the dial that emulates a tourbillon is actually an opening through which you can see the internal movement in action.

Even so, they are still interesting designs as they have sapphire crystal and seagull movement in addition to stainless steel.

Relo Loreo L6108G

Cristal sapphire
Move Automatic mechanic
caliber gull
Case diameter 40 mm
Case thickness 13 mm
materials Stainless steel
Waterproof 5 ATMs (50 meters)

✚ Price and opinions

Generally speaking, we are talking about a brand that is well valued even though they are not the cheapest Chinese watches, especially when purchased outside of China.

Now buy them directly in China in type stores Aliexpress And with a good deal, given their characteristics, they can be a great option.

Few Chinese brands offer sapphire crystal in their watches and if they do so at a discounted price too, it is difficult to miss out on the offer.

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