Megalithic Watches: Origins and Opinions Are They Good?

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Megalith clocks are characterized by their design and processing. Little is known about this brand other than that they are breaking the market with their prices.

The low cost gives us an indication right from the start that they are a Chinese watch brand, although that doesn’t necessarily mean they are of poor quality.

China has long since ceased to be synonymous with jewelry and is increasingly exporting higher quality products, although it is also true that whatever glitters is not gold.

It is for this reason that in this post we will collect all the available information about megalithic watches taking into account their origins, the best models and the opinions they generate, until we determine whether or not they are really good.

✚ Megalithic clocks: history and origins

Megalith is a relatively new brand considering the history behind the major watchmakers in the market as it only has a 5 year history.

relojes megalith

The company itself determines the origin of the megalithic watches in 2015, although the brand was only officially entered in the trademark register in 2017.

According to their website, megalithic watches seek the balance between fashion, price, function and fit and want to innovate the outdated and expensive models in the watch industry.

The registry is owned by Guangzhou Huoyunle Trading, a company located at 106 Fengzedong Road, Nansha District, Guangzhou.

The area is known as the headquarters of many other Chinese brands such as Lige, Forsining or Skmei, where each has its own specialty within the sector.

Megalithic clocks are mostly inexpensive quartz crystals. However, to determine their quality, all components must be analyzed in parts. This is described in the next section.

✚ Are Megalith Branded Watches Any Good?

At this point it is more than clear that megalithic watches are from China, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is not possible to get a good watch from this brand.

However, to determine if they are good it is necessary to consider the quality of the individual parts that make up them, e.g. B. the bracelet, the case, the glass and the internal mechanism.

Reloj megalith

Cristal mineral
Move quartz
Case diameter 45 mm
Case thickness 10 mm
materials Stainless steel and / or leather
Waterproof 3 ATMs (30 meters)

➤ Box

Most Megalith brand watches use metal alloy (alloy) cases rather than stainless steel like other more expensive brands.

The metals used can be copper and zinc (the classic brass), although they can include other materials like aluminum.

This shouldn’t be a problem either, but these alloys are often painted to look like steel, and over time and heavy use, the color can fade.

➤ Correa

This brand has a wide range of watches and, in general, each can be bought with different bracelets, although in practice everything falls into three types: leather, nylon or stainless steel.

Both nylon and stainless steel are very strong and durable options, while leather is an imitation plastic that may be less durable.

➤ Cristal

Most of the brand’s watches use mineral glass to cover their dials. This intermediate option offers good visibility but may not be as strong as other options.

Mineral glass cannot withstand scratches and sapphires, but it is harder than acrylic crystals and is easy to replace due to its low cost.

➤ Movement

The movement of a watch is the internal mechanism by which it works. So when we talk about the fact that Megalith mainly makes quartz watches, we mean that their operation is based on quartz mechanisms.

The positive note in this section is that the brand mentions the use of movements and batteries of Japanese origin in many of their watches.

The Japanese movements have a better reputation than the Chinese and so it is better to look for a model with this characteristic, although with a simple quartz mechanism you may not notice the difference.

✚ Best megalithic clocks

In summary, the best megalithic watches are made entirely of stainless steel, although the nylon strap is also quite tough and has Japanese mechanisms.

Here are some of his best current collections:

➤ Diving watches

Many of the brand’s most successful designs are diving or diving watches. However, this is more of an aesthetic problem than a practical one, as they do not have the same water resistance as popular brand divers.

Most of these watches have a resistance of 3 ATM, about 30 meters, which makes them splash-proof, but they cannot be used for diving.

➤ Digital and analog megalithic clocks

Another fairly recurring design from the brand are the watches, which combine an analog dial and digital display to achieve the best of both worlds.

On the one hand we have the elegance that the hands offer and on the other hand the ease of reading and all the functions of digital watches.

➤ Megalithic chronograph

Many megaliths also have a chronograph, both analog and digital, although we can only find this feature in quartz models.

➤ Mechanical megalithic clocks

Although most of the company’s models use quartz movements, they also sell some equally affordable automatic mechanical watches.

This means that they do not need batteries as the automatic mechanisms work thanks to the movements of the wearer.

✚ Prices and opinions

Megalith is a brand that makes simple watches but with very eye-catching designs at extremely low prices, which is why it is quite successful.

Of course, they’re not watches meant to be inherited, but at some point they can put you in a rush as they look great and work properly.

In short, if you are looking for a combat watch to do hard work or go diving, this is not your brand. However, if you are just looking for a fashion accessory that will go with your new outfit, this might be a great choice.

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