Orient Kamasu (Mako 3): reviews and comparisons

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The Orient Kamasu, also known as Mako III, is the continuation of one of the brand’s most famous and well-known diving watch sagas.

It is the worthy successor to the Orient Mako II, a watch that is already characterized by a good price-performance ratio and has now been significantly improved.

With the Kamasu, Orient decided to tweak the design slightly and incorporate new colors, although it still maintains the same movement, a F6922 hand-wound solvent with a second stop.

In this post, we will thoroughly analyze the Orient Kamasu and compare it to its predecessor, the Mako II, taking into account its properties and the opinions that generate them.

Ka Orient Kamasu – Technical sheet

brand Orient
model Mako III (aka Kamasu)
Model year 2018
Glass type Sapphire crystal
materials 316L stainless steel
diameter 41.8 mm
thickness 12.8 mm
Belt width 22 mm
Move Japanese automatic
caliber Orient F6922
Energy reserve 40 hours
precision – 15 / + 25 seconds per day
Waterproof 200 metres
Bezel One-way rotation 120 clicks
Special functions Seconds stop and manual lifting

✚ The origin

The Orient Kamasu has been on the Japanese market since the end of 2018, although its official presentation in Europe took place at Baselworld 2019.

Orient Kamasu Rojo

Because of its resemblance to the Mako saga, fans haven’t slowly christened it as Mako III either, although its official name is Sports Diver Style RA-AA000xxxx.

In fact, Mako is not the official name for Orient’s divers either, although it is more or less accepted by the brand depending on the market.

However, in the Orient USA they go their own way and have decided to baptize it as Kamasu as this is the most common nickname in the world in general.

While Mako is a type of shark (the Mako shark), Kamasu means barracuda in Japanese, a very appropriate name for a watch whose medium is also water.

✚ Design and functions

In general, the Orient Kamasu follows the lineage of the Mako saga, although it does include some design changes that are worth reviewing. Let’s see them in parts.

➤ The box

At 41.8mm in diameter (excluding the crown), the Kamasu still maintains the included dimensions, which make the Mako fit well on a wide variety of wrists.

trasera del Orient Kamasu

The thickness is 12.8 mm, so it is also relatively thin and slightly curved in the area of ​​the clamps for a better hold. The belt width is 22mm.

The box is made entirely of stainless steel and the bottom is threaded to ensure maximum tightness.

It is also blind, that is, it does not allow the machinery to be seen but is engraved with a marine motif and the characteristics of the clock.

Particularly noteworthy is the Epson logo, a new function that clearly indicates Orient’s membership in the Seiko Epson subsidiary.

As many of you know, Orient was bought by Seiko many years ago, although they continue to make their watches independently and usually make no reference to the owner company except in this case.

➤ Crystal and dial

The crystal is made of anti-reflective sapphire and offers excellent visibility from every angle, apart from its high scratch resistance.

Orient Kamasu case and dial

It’s a material that is hard to find in watches in this price range, and a property that sets the Orient Kamasu apart from its Mako brothers.

As for the dial, we are facing the classic design of diving watches, with wide hands and large indexes that allow a good dose of fluorescent light.

A design where legibility prevails especially in water conditions where the watch is difficult to see due to the lack of light.

The background color on the dial has a certain depth and glows on contact with light. The date is at 3 o’clock in a beveled window that also shows the day of the week.

➤ Bezel and crown

As a good diver, the bezel can be rotated unidirectionally with 120 clicks and has a coin-like edge.

The visible part is made of aluminum with markings for calculating the immersion minutes and a large fluorescent light spot in the upper part.

Orient Kamasu bezel and crown

On the other hand, the crown is screwed to the case to prevent the ingress of water, and on the outside it is engraved with the brand logo.

It is protected by the flanks with two protrusions that extend from the housing. This can make it difficult to grasp, although this is an automatic watch and isn’t a major problem.

➤ The belt

East Kamasu Belt

The bracelet is made entirely of stainless steel, but there are also models with a sportier elastic band.

It’s a no-dive extension design, although flexible and easy to articulate. The clasp is security and has the brand engraved on it.

Perhaps the only weak point in the bracelet is that the end links are not tight, although that doesn’t necessarily mean it is less secure and will reduce weight.

➤ The movement

The Kamasu is powered by the Orient caliber F6922, a relatively new mechanical automatic movement introduced in 2016 to update the previous Mako II.

A 22 jewel mechanism and a bidirectional rotor that works at 21,600 vph and integrates the requested functions of stop seconds and manual winding.

The power reserve of the F6922 is estimated at approx. 40 hours, while the accuracy according to the manufacturer is approx. – 15 / + 25 seconds per day.

It goes without saying that the precision ranges are only guidelines, a scale on which manufacturers classify their movements, which in practice tend to be more precise.

Either way, its rating ranks above other affordable watch movements like the Seiko NH35.

✚ Available versions

The new Mako III or Kamasu is available with four different dial colors: blue, black, green and red. All at a similar price and relatively easy to find.

There are also two other special editions, both with a gold-colored bezel, one with a black dial, and the other with a textured blue dial, although the latter is limited to around 2000 pieces.

✚ Orient Kamasu versus Mako II

In general, these are two very similar watches, but the Kamasu has a few features that stand out in particular.

The first is the sapphire crystal, which is much stronger and more expensive than the mineral crystal used in the Mako II. It also offers better visibility from every angle.

Then there is the design of the dial with larger markers and thicker hands in the case of the Kamasu, which allows for more fluorescent lumens to be added and for better visibility.

Another detail to highlight is that the numbers that indicated certain hours in the previous mako are disappearing, giving way to a cleaner and more minimalist design.

Otherwise, as you can see in the table, they are practically identical, with very similar dimensions and the same automatic movement from Orient.

model Mako II Kamasu
Publishing year 2016 2018
Glass type mineral sapphire
caliber Orient F6922 Orient F6922
materials 316L stainless steel 316L stainless steel
diameter 41.5 mm 41.8 mm
thickness 13 mm 12.8 mm
Bezel One-way 120 clicks One-way 120 clicks
Waterproof 200 metres 200 metres

✚ Price and opinions

Since its appearance, the Mako has always been considered one of the best diving watches in terms of quality / price.

An affordable automatic diver which, in the case of the Mako III or Kamasu, has been noticeably enhanced by the sapphire crystal, a feature rarely found in watches in this price range.

Orient in general is a large Japanese brand that has been making mechanical watches at very reasonable prices for decades. Even more than the Seiko itself, to which it belongs.

All you have to do is look at the hundreds of positive reviews gathered on all of the watches in the series to see that this is a watch that does what it says on the tin.

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