Skyline watches: origin, prices and opinions

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Little is known about Skyline watches, a company that is difficult to find despite an extensive catalog, both quartz and automatic.

In fact, they are no longer available on their official website, although there are still a few sellers offering them, but where do these watches come from? Are good?

In this post, we’re going to try to eliminate some of these unknowns, taking into account the brand’s best designs and their average price.

✚ Skyline watches: history and origins

Skyline watches can be seen for the first time in Spain in 2017. At this point, their official website and various designs with the distinctive brand appear.

The commercial name of the brand is Skyline Time Warner LLC, a Los Angeles-based company specifically at 804 Wilshire Blvd.

one of the skyline clocks

Although after some research we can only find one apartment building at the alleged company address, which is a bit suspicious.

This may indicate that the address is wrong or that the company no longer exists, although if they base their business on online sales they could well be in an apartment and manufacture / distribute their products from China.

Nor is it possible to find any information about the Skyline Time Warner LLC company other than what is on its website, thereby turning us more to the possibility that it does not exist.

Even so, Skyline watches are still in the hands of individuals and for sale in some stores, but they may be the remains of an already extinct brand.

✚ Are Skyline Brand Watches Any Good?

Given the opacity of the brand and the price differences between some sellers and others, everything suggests that these are Chinese watches trying to pose as high-end watches.

First, make it clear that Chinese watches have nothing wrong with them. In fact, there are more and more brands like Parnis, Cadisen or Pagani that make good designs at very reasonable prices.

Chinese cadise clock

Cristal mineral
Move Automatic mechanic
Case diameter 42 mm
Case thickness 13 mm
materials Stainless steel
Waterproof 3 ATMs (30 meters)

The problem is, they are trying to sell them as something they are not and in fact, it’s not uncommon for Skyline branded watches with price tags over $ 400 to go for less than $ 30. Something suspicious, right?

Although for this price point (less than $ 30) they are not a bad buy as long as they meet the specifications some of these models are sold to.

We are referring to stainless steel cases and Japanese movements as indicated in the specifications of some of these watches, although they are difficult to inspect with the naked eye.

Hence, it is best to only buy brands that have good feedback from other buyers who have already tried them.

In short, good Skyline watches can exist, or at least they are a good buy as long as you pay a good price for them.

✚ What are the best skyline clocks?

As mentioned earlier, the most desirable thing about this type of watch is that it is at least made of stainless steel and has movements of Japanese origin.

Stainless steel is more resistant to wear and tear than other materials like brass, which tend to fade over the years, although it is also more expensive.

On the other hand, Japanese mechanisms, whether mechanical or quartz, have always had a better reputation than Chinese ones for precision and durability.

It is true that there are mechanisms made in China that deliver good results, especially with the simpler and easier-to-make quartz watches.

Another important point is the strap. The models with a metal bracelet are better than the models with leather straps.

Most likely, leather-like straps are made of some type of non-durable plastic, while metal straps are generally made of stainless steel, so they’ll stand better over time.

In short, the best Skyline watches have the best components, so you always need to consider the specs.

✚ Prices and opinions

Given the lack of information about the brand, the final verdict is that we are almost certainly faced with a watch of Chinese origin that tries to mimic the appearance of luxury brands.

This doesn’t mean it is a bad buy as long as you are clear about what you are buying and at a Chinese watch price.

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